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Vicki KuceraOn behalf of the 2016-17 Board of Directors, welcome to the Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators! For nearly a half of a century now, RMASFAA has existed to provide training and professional development activities for individuals who have chosen a profession in the financial aid industry. In addition, and just as importantly, we provide opportunities for our members to network with each other, learn from each other, and establish friendships that last a lifetime!

This website provides its users with access to information about training opportunities, Board of Directors, a comprehensive membership roster, a calendar of events held across the region and nation, and many other pertinent details regarding our organization. You will soon be able to find out more about our nationally recognized Rocky Mountain Summer Institute, which will be held once again in Golden, Colorado, at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountain range. This week-long training opportunity, which will be held June 11-16, 2017, provides in a classroom setting an unparalleled week-long compilation of sessions that is an incredible opportunity for individuals new to the industry, as well as individuals who are ready to step up their level of expertise after having been in financial aid for a while. You won't want to miss our 2017 Annual Conference in Wichita, Kansas, October 15-18. The Conference Committee is already hard at work putting together a fantastic program for us, so I look forward to seeing you there!

I am so very excited for the coming year as the President of this incredible organization! The relationships I have forged with my peers and mentors in this region over the years have been absolutely priceless. Likewise, the opportunities we have to work together to make a difference in this industry are also priceless. I invite you to participate in this amazing association, and would appreciate any feedback you would like to offer that helps us better understand the needs of our membership.

It's going to be an incredible year, and I thank you for your part in making it so! I look forward to seeing you at the training opportunities that will be provided by RMASFAA!!

Best to you,

Vicki Kucera
President, Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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