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NASFAA has created a web center to keep members and the financial aid community updated on pertinent news related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). This information is open to all members and to non-members. The site offers frequent updated content along with prior coverage.  AskRegs articles on this topic are also open for viewing.  

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It is such an interesting time to be in Financial Aid.  Coming out of the pandemic and going right into FAFSA Simplification certainly can make us feel like we are on a never-ending rollercoaster or maybe like we are in the never-ending song.  You know the one, this is the song that never ends, it goes on and, on my friends, With all of the never-ending changes RMASFAA is committed as ever to providing training, networking, and support to each person and institution.

One of the most common heard sayings lately is trying to figure out the new normal.  That applies to RMASFAA as well, we are all starting to sing it not knowing what it is, but we keep moving forward.  For 2022-2023 the RMASFAA BOD has already been hard at work looking at how to implement the new normal.  We are reviewing the P&P, training opportunities and making sure that the future of RMASFAA embraces the changes that our industry is seeing.  

So, my friends keep on singing, because we will continue singing it because

Becca Dobry

2022-23 RMASFAA President 


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