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Leadership Pipeline

Leadership Pipeline Class of 2018-19

“I feel this program has truly hit the mark in the development of leaders in our profession.  It provides a great deal of experience through the mentor model and ongoing support because of the connections you make through the program.”  Justin Beach, Leadership Pipeline Graduate 2017-2018

Leadership Pipeline Application Now Available
Learn.     Grow.     Lead.

Award Winning... Recognized by NASFAA with a Regional Training award at the 2008 National Conference in Orlando, FL, RMASFAA's Leadership Pipeline is a yearly, year-long, structured leadership development and professional mentoring program for financial aid professionals.

Innovative... The first of its kind among regional financial aid associations, the program is designed to foster a heightened understanding of leadership principles - uniquely focused on the profession of financial aid administration - and provide direct exposure to association leadership, governance, structure, needs, and challenges.

Pay it Forward... RMASFAA believes that support of its members in the program and their successful completion serve to strengthen the "pipeline" of financial aid administrators who are equipped to assume leadership positions within RMASFAA and adapt to the ever-changing needs of a dynamic professional association.

Sustainable Leadership... Recognizing the need to sustain a qualified and capable pool of members to serve in committee, committee chair, and officer positions, the 2005-06 RMASFAA Board of Directors began exploring ways to ensure continued continuity of leadership within the regional association. The overarching goal has been - and continues to be - developing a "bench" of leaders who have the skills and familiarity to ensure the ongoing viability of RMASFAA and its ability to effectively deliver mission-centered training and benefits to its members.

Effective... Initially modeled after a similarly structured program in Park County, Wyoming, RMASFAA launched the first Leadership Pipeline class in October 2007 at the Annual Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado. That first class was celebrated for completion of the program during the awards banquet of the 2008 Annual Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota,

Uniquely Structured...
Selected mentees join a program cohort with whom they will spend a twelve-month period engaging in leadership training, group discussion, and informational reading and exercises. Mentees are strategically paired with seasoned RMASFAA mentors and the mentee/mentor relationship is intended to enhance and solidify the experience in the program. Generally, the Leadership Pipeline launches at the RMASFAA Annual Conference and concludes at the Annual Conference the following year.

Application Required...
The Leadership Application will be made available in early spring. The application generally consists of a personal letter of interest, supervisor letter of support, and a commitment to association volunteerism upon successful completion of the program. Selected mentees will be notified by the Leadership Pipeline Committee in late summer of their admission into the program.

-- Leadership Pipeline Application --


Looking Back...

Past Leadership Pipeline Graduates

Tracey Buisker
Jordan Eisenmenger
Steve Enriquez
Tabitha Haynes
Carrie Jordanger
Emily Linn
Courtney Lockhart
Parker Nielsen
Lacey Shandera
Ellen Smith

Crystal Roach
Micah Hansen
Ashley Stevenson
Karina Moulton
Justin Beach
Bailey Jorgensen
Jana Parks
Sarah Standley
Carissa Koerner

Shelby Garner
Brenda Haseman
Darcy Johnson
Katie Nelson
Dani Reynolds
Hayley Shipton
Beth Vollan
Kelly Whittekien

Erin Brogan
Tara DeVries
Michelle Massey
Mac Schwartz

Becca Dobry
Sarah Pingel
Julie Watson
Erica Rojas
Chelsea Springer
Sara Gossman
Sara Vancil
Monica Kopcow
Angela Osborn

Cindy Ostert
LeAnn Hoffman
Veronica Sherwood
Trudi Passo
Christina Jenson
Justin Brown
Kellie Leake
Jenny Adler
April Keim

Carolyn Bright
Aimee Campbell
Joe Donlay
LuAnn Pringle
Connie Pilkington
Dee Christensen
Bree Howell
Jennifer Hylton
Kelly Svenkesen
Gail Sasao

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