2023 Nominations and Elections Candidates

 Justin Chase Brown - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Justin is a dedicated and passionate advocate for higher education and student financial aid with a strong background in financial aid administration and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by students pursuing their educational goals. Justin is determined to make a positive impact on the Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (RMASFAA) as the President-Elect.
Justin's journey in the field of student financial aid began during his own college years when he experienced firsthand the transformative power of financial assistance. This personal experience ignited his desire to ensure that every student has access to the resources and support to pursue their dreams without the burden of overwhelming financial obstacles. Throughout his career, Justin has held various positions in aid administration, honing his skills in fund management, policy development, compliance, and student service. He has worked closely with diverse populations, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring strategies to meet those needs effectively. His commitment to equity and inclusion drives him to advocate for fair and accessible financial aid policies that uplift underrepresented groups.
In addition to his professional accomplishments, Justin is an active member of RMASFAA, having served on several committees and contributing to the association's mission to enhance financial aid services in the region. His collaborative nature and ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders have earned him the respect and trust of his colleagues.
As a candidate for President-Elect of RMASFAA, I am excited about the opportunity to lead and serve our community of aid administrators. If elected, I will bring a fresh perspective, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to driving positive change in our organization.
My primary goal is to foster an inclusive environment where every member of RMASFAA feels supported and empowered to excel in their roles. I believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of creating spaces for open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and professional growth. By facilitating meaningful connections and providing resources, we can strengthen our collective expertise and elevate the quality of student financial aid services in the Rocky Mountain region.
I recognize the ever-evolving landscape of student financial aid, with emerging technologies and changing regulations. I will actively engage with industry leaders, stay informed about the latest trends and best practices, and ensure that our association remains at the forefront of advancements in the field and continues to provide high-quality training resources and programs to our membership.
I humbly request your support and vote as I seek the position of President-Elect for RMASFAA. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of students, ensuring that they receive the financial support they need to thrive academically and realize their full potential. Let us build a stronger, more inclusive future for student financial aid administration in the Rocky Mountain region.
Vice President-Elect Dori Roth - Hesston College
Hi!  I’m Dori Roth.  I am the Director of Financial Aid at Hesston College.  I have worked in financial aid for over 9 years.  I am honored and humbled to be considered for the role of RMASFAA Vice President.    I have been involved with RMASFAA in the Leadership Pipeline, as a mentor, Summer Institute, as faculty for two years, and am currently the Chair of Summer Institute. I have served on various committees on the state level in KASFAA including, Conference Planning, Membership, and have been a Mentor in the KASFAA Mentorship Program
I feel getting involved in RMASFAA is not only rewarding, but beneficial.  I feel it is important to encourage others to be involved in our regional and state organizations.  When I started in this profession, I was encouraged to be involved and it’s been incredibly valuable in my growth in financial aid.  My goal would be to help carry on the great traditions and help the growth of our organization.   I want to help show the importance of dialogue and volunteerism, and to help others give back to our organization.  I have learned from so many colleagues in this profession, and hope to help others do the same.  The world of financial aid is complex, ever changing, and rewarding.  I feel the relationships we build and the people we meet along the way, help us to become better in what we do in our profession and in our lives.  Thank you for considering me for the role of Vice President of RMASFAA.

 Jill Robinson - Western Governers University
 I am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice President-Elect of RMASFAA.
My career in financial aid began at Brigham Young University (BYU) in 2008. I started working as a Processor for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Scholarships. As my career advanced, I have had the opportunity to work with loan processes, problem solving, Return to Title IV, reconciliation, being the liaison for internal and external auditors, communications, website management, training, as well as working on the Financial Aid Systems team. I made the move to Western Governors University (WGU) in 2021 and am currently a Financial Aid Administrator.
I quickly developed a sincere love for this profession, the students, and the state and regional associations. I enjoy making connections and the networking opportunities RMASFAA provides to its members. I have had the privilege of serving on the UASFAA and RMASFAA Training Committees, as UASFAA Training Committee Chair, Summer Institute Faculty, and Summer Institute Faculty Dean. I am currently serving as a Summer Institute Faculty member.
I am running for Vice President-elect to get even more involved in RMASFAA. I am looking for new experiences to stretch myself and to get more leadership experience. I have a passion for volunteerism and training and would love to support this association further.
So many people in RMASFAA have helped me get to where I am, and it is my turn to give back to the organization. It would be a great honor to take the next step serving as the Vice President-Elect of RMASFAA.

Treasurer-Elect Matthew Rowell - Western Governors University
My career in Financial Aid began 10 years ago when at Western Governors University. Over those years I have held various processing, administrative, auditing, and compliance roles. Currently, I am responsible for Title IV reconciliation and annual audit. I have benefited from attendance at UASFAA’s annual conferences, RMASFAA’s summer institute, and NASFAA’s Leadership and Legislative conference and I am seeking to contribute back to our industry in a meaningful way by becoming the new Treasurer-Elect for RMASFAA.
Secretary  Lindsey Campbell - Colorado Mesa University
In 2023, Lindsey Campbell became the Executive Director at Colorado Mesa University. She manages a team of 27 amazing staff, and 45 student staff encompassing Financial Aid and IRIS (CMU’s one-stop-shop). In her tenure in higher education, Lindsey has helped pave pathways for every student’s unique journey by developing innovative and automated processes that contribute to the institution’s overall strategic plan; while consistently ensuring compliance.  
For 2022-2023, Lindsey held the position of President of CAFAA. During her term Lindsey led CAFAA through an update to the 2020 strategic plan, evaluate valuable ways to connect with members, and cultivated another robust Annual Conference. Now as past president, Lindsey looks forward to partnering with the CAFAA board to provide ways for all Colorado institutions to learn and grow from each other.
Prior to her current role, Lindsey worked as the Director of Financial Aid exclusively for 2 years, Deputy Director of Financial Aid for 3 years, a Financial Counseling Manager, and Financial Counselor as well as serving on the development team for IRIS, the Integration Resources for Information and Solutions, the one-stop-shop at Colorado Mesa University that reports to Lindsey in her new executive roll. Lindsey holds undergraduate degrees from Elmhurst University in Exercise Science and Business Administration and earned her Master of Business Administration from Colorado Mesa University.
Lindsey enjoys playing with her two children – Logan (1.5) and McKenna (4), and relaxing on the patio with her husband and two dogs after the kids are asleep. When time allows, Lindsey loves to enjoy the sunshine, hike, try new craft beer, explore new places, and read books.    

  Susan Collins - Capitol Beauty School
I am honored to be nominated to run for RMASFAA Secretary. I started in this profession by accident while my family was stationed overseas at Incirlik AB, Turkey as the Senior College Administrator for Central Texas College-Europe in 1996. Returning state-side found me transitioning into a free-lance consulting position with recipients of federal student aid programs until I transitioned back into an in-school position in the clock-hour environment where I found my absolute passion.
Association involvement is very important to me, and I have been blessed work on state, regional and the national level of our associations from the Private Sector Representative for our state association, volunteering for RMASFAA’s Summer Institute and working with colleagues for the Leadership and Legislative Conference on the Succession Planning Track committee. It has been an honor to get involved on all levels and work towards fostering this industry.
I seek to continue my service in the regional realm and serve again as the RMASFAA association and our Board as the Secretary. In this position I will continue to work diligently to ensure that the Board is well-prepared for all business meetings through preparation of board reports, accurate recording of meeting minutes and any other tasks that I am assigned.
I would be honored to serve in this capacity and thank you for your consideration.
Associate Member Lou Murray - Earnest
Lou Murray is a 27-year veteran in the higher education community, having worked as a
lender, guarantor, servicer and ombudsman. He currently serves as the Southwest and
Rocky Mountain Regional Lead for Earnest. These opportunities have allowed him to
assist schools, students, and families at all levels of education.
A servant at heart, Lou is quick to volunteer and do his part to support the higher
education associations within his territory. Lou has served as an Associate Member
Delegate/Corporate Sponsor Chair for TX, AR, NM, OK, KS, CO and UT state
associations, as well as, SWASFAA, and as a Corporate Volunteer for the SASFAA
New Aid Officer Workshop. Beyond corporate relations support, these associations also
received Lou’s support with conference entertainment, as well as the MT, ND, FL, GA,
VA and CT state associations.
As a first-generation graduate from the University of Houston, a former pastor, and an
active mental health advocate, Lou has a passion for motivating students and families,
public speaking, and breaking up the stigmas and stereotypes associated with mental
illness. Between 2022-23, Lou shared his mental health message with 19 association
groups across the country, as well college campuses, independent school districts and
These efforts resulted in the creation of Mission Upbeat LLC, Lou’s personal initiative to
promote positivity through his motivation and awareness presentations, his advocacy for
mental health and wellness, and his music project, The Music Experience.
Lou's personal joys are to "geek or rock out" with his three kids (Alessandra, Aliana and
Ian), catch a good game with his wife, Nidia, or bond with his two pups, Acee and
Stevie. Lou resides in Pearland, TX.

Kim Thomas - SoFi
As a lifetime member of the California Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA), I have been in education financing and student financial aid for over 30 years.  During these years, I have served on several committees including high school relations and graduate professional’s committees.  For the past 10 years, I am also serving as the current chair of the CASFAA Tax Training for FAA’s. This role has allowed me to facilitate, schedule and represent the training needs of financial aid professionals for both CASFAA & WASFAA regions.  In addition to these duties, I recently served at the pleasure of the past president of WASFAA, now outgoing 2022/23 Associate member at large for the WASFAA region.  I am honored to be nominated for this very prestigious position by my colleagues who have entrusted me to represent the needs of the associate members while serving the EC with a collaborative and neutral voice that aligns to the goals of RMASFAA.