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ICT SOS is a Wichita, KS based organization who works with at-risk and trafficked youth or adults and local agencies to end human trafficking.

We will be collecting donations and creating “Fresh Start Bags” to assist this organization in their mission.

As a RMASFAA conference attendee, please consider donating to this worthy cause. Watch for more information about how you can help while attending RMASFAA!


ICT SOS is a grassroots non-profit, founded in Wichita, whose mission is to connect the organizations who work directly with victims of human trafficking with members of the community who are compelled to help. Through this link, our community has an outlet to donate items, raise awareness of the sex trafficking issue and educate our children about safety.

Fighting to End Human Trafficking

ICT SOS is a project-based organization that acts as a liaison between specific local professional groups who work with trafficked youth and adults, and the Wichita volunteers who seek ways to be involved in finding solutions to fight sex trafficking.


Create real and lasting change in Wichita through partnerships with local professional organizations, educating the community, and raising awareness of the issues of human trafficking in Wichita.

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